Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A year ago and now...

It was day starry night of Feb 10 2015, somewhere close to midnight, when I lost my bachelorhood. At that moment a cold, silky smooth hand was handed over mine between the warmth of my father-in-law's hands, I took the ultimate 7 nuptial vows to take care of my beloved wife for the rest of my life and beyond death too (the latter part is added by me). 

Our journey so far has been a mixed bag of joy and struggle as far as our togetherness is concerned. Need not to mention our love has grown stronger with each passing day. I still remember the day when we first met at Bikano. I was more nervous than her but after the meeting ended which had lasted for 15 odd minutes my inner voice said to me,"Yes, this lady has that X factor which I was looking for!!!". I must admit my better-half, wife, spouse, my shona was lot more confident than me, I applaud for her confidence and verbose nature.

She has undergone a tremendous change in her behavior (both social and psychological), attitude and in her anger in this one year. Love is so blissful and wonderful that it changes the beings who are trapped in love and we have experienced the same. I still remember the days when she was going through rough days with her health and we had to shift her to Delhi for treatment. Although I was far away I Bangalore I was deeply worried. I pray to God to give her good health and may all illnesses and diseases stay away from her. Amen!!!

Lastly few lines dedicated to her,

I am lucky to have you in my life,
You are my lovely n pretty wife.
Wish you stay fit n fine,
You will always be mine.
Let's pray we live together for years to come,
And cherish the life's memories during our old days.

Yours Love,