Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beyond Death...

The mere thought of ‘Dying’ sends shivers down my spine. Be it of my own or someone very close to me in my life long social circle. In fact death is such a bitter truth which every form of life on this Earth has to go through at some point in life. Yes, it is part of end to end life cycle. But the question which really comes back to my mind is, “Can we define life cycle as a stage when a baby is born and its adult form rests in peace?” The answer to this question is obviously ‘Yes’. Nobody knows what happens after death or how a new life comes into existence. We ought to believe what is in front of our eyes. We can say that a new Life begins at death which we can neither observe nor feel but yes it happens. We can find an answer to this question in our Physics.

                  Who are we? According to First law of Thermodynamics, we are nothing but matter and matter means Energy which can neither be created nor destroyed. It is transformed from one form to another. Thus, dying just a process in which the energy/matter changes it's present form to another form. Can we now say this cycle of life is circular? I feel yes and that is proved by the proverb “What goes comes back around”.                        

                    Another big question before us is how to find out the other half cycle which is unknown to us. We just have theories or postulates put forward by different religions and believed to be true. No one dares to question them, the one who does is strongly opposed by higher religious gurus. According to Hindu mythology, there are 84,00,000 yonis in all including Manushya yoni (Human form). One’s bad deeds (Karmas) leads him/her to be born in a Rakshasha yoni and goes through these 83,99,999 yonis before he/she gets Manushya yoni. I really wonder who has researched life beyond death and published such artifacts which some of us have already accepted. If we look at it in Physics way,” Who are we”? But what is that other ‘Unseen’ form??? Our Holy books such as Sri Bhagvadgita, Bible, Quran, all give inferences of what is there beyond death. May be someday I will get my answer when I start reading them but the person who wrote those books must be a divine form else it would not be absolutely true.
                  One thing what I believe is why to think of the inevitable, think of your life that is beyond you and me and accomplish all the tasks so that when the ultimate day arrives, I will happily say good bye to this world leaving behind just ‘memories’.

P.S. This post is just the beginning to find the answers to some of the most perplexed questions related to Life.